Dietary Discipline

Hey guys,

 My blog today is going to focus on ways to maintain healthy eating habits. For the better part of a decade, I have been working as a firefighter, and although Hollywood would have you think that we live a fast pace non-stop life, the reality, thankfully, is quite different. We spend much of our time sedentary, much like an office job. However, one place firefighters do see a lot of action is in the kitchen! Family dinners are large and delicious….. but can do some serious damage to the waistline and cholesterol. I know that many office jobs face a similar quandary with a community eating area where someone brings in doughnuts or birthday cake or some kind of community snack that seems to draw your attention as soon as you walk in and will call your name through out the day until you give in! So I thought I would share some of my ways of curtailing our desire to cheat while in the work place.

1. First and foremost my most important rule I live by is I will only eat what I bring! Each night before work I have to plan out 24 hours of food because I am a shift worker. My food spread looks something like this 2 eggs with a little bit of fat free cheese and or spinach for breakfast, turkey sandwich on whole wheat with snow peas and mustard, one fruit (usually a banana) and a low fat string cheese for lunch and chicken breast with spinach and some form of carbs for dinner.

2. Seasoning can be your best friend! First, I love spicy food so I make my eggs with hot sauce or some kind of hot spice. I do this not only for taste reasons but because it helps me consume a large amount of water. Double plus: I stay hydrated and it helps me feel more satisfied with a smaller amount of food.

3. Be willing to treat yourself. Look, I am not the most regimented food consumer and sometimes the temptation is just too much. So, I have taken the advice of my wife and found a healthier option for my sweet tooth.  Low fat chocolate milk is the best! It is fulfilling and filling all in one. Also, I take a regular protein supplement for my weight lifting needs.  I have found that any protein flavor of your choice and low fat or nonfat milk is just as good.

4. Buy good food!!! I have found that if I spend little bit more on what I eat I look forward to eating it. This goes hand in hand with rule number 2.  I have learned to make some decent meals and have worked on them over the years and gotten pretty good. So I actually like my food over some fat pill like a doughnut.

Good luck! I know how hard this can be. If you have any tips, suggestions or comments feel free to post them!


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