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One of the hardest steps in forging an exercises plan is finding a common time in which each of you can find 45 minutes to an hour each day to exercise. This has definitely been one of the hardest challenges my wife and I have come to face. I, being a shift worker and her a regular 9 to 5 worker, coupled with the fact that I am early bed and early riser and she lives more like a night owl, it’s hard to find a time where not only is neither one of us working but, we both a have the drive and willingness to have a workout worth our time. In order to make sure we actually work out, we like to use a technique I call back planning. All we simply do is sit down together and plan out our day or the next few days and start with our work out first.  We discuss our goals and exercise needs and make that the focal point of our day. From there, we back fill our schedule with our daily tasks. This also is helpful to our planning of meals.  We operate on our own for breakfast and lunch when it comes to times we eat but not in what we eat…. Now I may eat a little more, or she has a yogurt and I have a meal bar but we mainly eat the same things. Dinner we share the same portion and type of food. I know that this seems like a lot of work or that it is a little anal retentive, but it’s really easy.  We do it while watching T.V. or even while out on a run and the best benefit of this is we never run into one of those days where you don’t get to exercise or eat a decent dinner. Over time you actually begin to look forward to your exercise we even go as far as plan where we going to run. We like to mix things up so it’s not so boring.

Leave a post on your thoughts or ideas. I look forward to reading them I am sure that my wife and I can learn something from what you all do!


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