But she jogs and I bench!

I know just how hard trying to find common ground in the exercise field can be. My wife and I are both from a running background, but that is where the similarities end. I like to try to work in swimming to our weekly routine; Sara can’t even stand to get her face wet. Sara likes to elliptical, I like to squat. We come to this impasse on a lot of situations, and like everything else in marriage, a comprise is in order. My wife and I had to sit down and discuss our goals, diets and how often we would like to work out. We both had to give in so that we could help each other achieve our goals and so that we could actually exercise together. My wife now swims, and I wait to run at night when my wife prefers. When we go to the gym, I’ll jump on some form of a cardio machine and afterword I can get her to spot me on the bench. Its hard….the plan you come up with wont always be the best for the individual but, with the support of your spouse and the advantage of a training partner your goals can still be achieved!

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  1. Hi again,

    I have already shared my dilemma on this topic, and I love the idea of doing exercises together in front of the TV ( the best I can hope for, because J absolutely refuses to do work out videos of any kind). However, for us, since our interests are so different, be that, aside from a few jumping jacks during the commercials for Modern Family and walking the dogs together several times a week, I think it will just come down to us being supportive of each other’s separate endeavors. There is just no way for me to participate in and enjoy basketball or frisbee, or for J to do yoga or roller derby with me, but we can go to each other’s games or practices, ask how classes are going, and be encouraging in general. Also, it is still possible to talk about our goals and how we can achieve them, even if we don’t have the extra motivation of the other one physically being there.



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