Another reason to keep the house clean!

Among my many faults is a lack of any domestic prowess, specifically in the area of organization and cleanliness. I balk at the idea of washing the dishes after dinner and I resent every moment I spend doing laundry. Usually I put my big-girl pants on and find a way to get it done, but every now and then I need a little extra motivation. So, for those of you who are anything like me when it comes to doing household chores, I found an interesting article today with a little extra motivation.

A new study has just been published from Queens University in Canada showing that daily household chores can increase your cardio respiratory fitness! They used accelerometers to measure daily activity and then correlated that measure with aerobic exercise capacity; turns out that people who tended to do more daily chores around the house also were more fit. While this isn’t the strongest research design, it certainly shows that if we move around more during the day, we are either likely to be more fit because of our chores, or at least burn additional calories that we may not have otherwise. The article has a nice slideshow of how many calories you could burn while doing chores, which I’ve summarized below.


Activity Calories Burned
Walking up stairs with groceries 85 calories
Washing your car 150 calories
Spend an hour cooking dinner 180 calories
1 hour of dusting 150 calories
30 minutes of gardening 150 calories
Washing the floor 130 calories
1 hour of vacuuming 238 calories


It’s amazing how all those chores can really add up to additional calories burned! Plus, chores are always more fun when you do them together. Kevin and I get home from work aro0und the same time, and some nights the only way I do the dishes is if he’s right there, doing them with me. Household chores can be a great way to find time to exercise together and keep the house clean!



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  1. Love this!
    I have been feeling cranky about how many dishes I have had to do lately, particularly since our dishwasher is broken. I can now think of it as a way to burn calories, and recruit J to help dry; this might reduce the calorie burning total of course, but totally worth it if it feels more like a pleasant interaction than a chore.



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