One of the hardest things about trying to change your habits is realizing how much your partner’s choices affect your own. When I plop down on the couch after a long day, I may have every intention of eating chicken and spinach, but if Kevin suggests we order a pizza, suddenly my willpower is out the door and I’m stuffing pepperonis in my face. It’s amazing how Kevin’s choices can completely alter my perspective. One minute, I’m all about being healthy, but as soon as he says “pizza”, it’s incredibly easy to rationalize a bad decision.  We put trust in our partners to take care of us and have our best interest at heart, and when they make an unhealthy decision, we automatically view that decision in a little more positive light.

The first thing to remember is that your partner’s decisions don’t have to be your own. If your husband is dying to order wings or just doesn’t feel like exercising, remind yourself that when it comes down to it, you are still the only one truly in control of your health, and it’s up to you to make a healthy decision. It’s so much harder if your partner won’t do it with you, but believe me, they will take notice if you don’t decide to partake in their unhealthy choice. If your wife suggests you have chocolate cake for dinner and you decline, eating stir fry instead, she might just join you!

More importantly, for me anyway, is to remember how my poor decisions affect Kevin. Every time I decide I don’t feel like running, I am actually exerting negative peer pressure on him to stay home too. I am giving him permission to skip his run and watch TV with me. Each time I suggest we order pizza, I’m not only hurting my health, but my husband’s as well. This is where sacrifice really comes in. Being in a relationship of any kind usually means putting someone else’s needs above your own and weight loss is no exception. If I truly care about Kevin’s health and longevity, it’s my responsibility as his wife to make that’s as easy as possible for him. That means that I need to be the one to suggest we eat healthy tonight and make sure we get out the door for our run. It’s a big responsibility, but the more often I can think about his needs instead of my own, I am that much more likely to do the right thing.



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