Comfort Zone

I recently watched a documentary on being a professional body builder. The video followed some of the biggest names in business the same ones you see gracing the cover of some muscle super pump scream flex magazine. It showed the daily life of being a weight lifter. It mostly focused on off-season, bulking, diet and routine leading up to a big show. What I found to be shocking is how unhealthy the men we place on a fitness pedestal are.  One of the weight lifters who seem to be an identical twin to Hercules couldn’t walk up the stairs or from the parking lot to the gym with out being completely winded. I couldn’t fathom how some one who seemed so perfectly fit could be so unhealthy. The weight lifter went on to say in the movie that he started lifting weights because he was already strong and found it to be easy compared to most people.

That statement set off a chain of thoughts that led me to writing this blog. I have always found running to be easier than most, I have long legs, I am lean and full of slow twitch muscle fibers, and distance running quickly became a comfort zone for me. It wasn’t until I joined the Marine Corps did I realize that just because I could run far and fast didn’t mean that I was as in shape as I thought. Soon I had to ask my body to perform new and strange tasks like martial arts, lifting ammo cans, prolonged hikes with packs in excess of 70lbs, pulling fire hose, lifting pilots the list goes on and on. I had to completely re-evaluate what I considered in shape. We all know what our comfort zones are, so I challenge you to set aside 2 days this week to choose an exercise routine outside of you comfort zone. If you run, try lifting weights; if you’re already a gym rat, try yoga or find a local road race. My weakness is flexibility, so starting this week I will incorporate yoga 2 times a week and will blog my results. Feel free to post you thoughts and ideas, along with your comfort zones and weaknesses.


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  1. Thanks for your post…really good point about trying something not in your comfort zone. For me, it’s ab exercises, push-ups, and Pilates. I will do some this week!


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