From Both of Us- Riding Solo

No phone, email, television and no spouse? Sometime’s exercising by your self can be good for the both of you.  Going at it alone gives you the opportunity to gain a little perspective. Exercising by yourself allows you to focus on yourself and self evaluate. Almost all of goals I have set and achieved in my life began with a thought or idea that came to me while running solo.  I love to set high level of fitness goals and all thought I fall short more often than I achieve, going out on a run with just me and the road allows me to re-evaluate where I am at and where I am going next. Sometimes it just feels like a breath of fresh air, my run my route my pace, it allows me to return with a renewed vigor, that benefits both me and my wife. My wife and I although we write together and run together, we have very different fitness goals. We both go through periods where we want to be more competitive and we never seem to have the same frame of mind at the same time, so choosing specific times to go at it alone can be the best option to not hold your partner back.


I definitely agree. At the end of the day, you are the only one responsible for your fitness and sometimes you and your partner have different goals. Right now, for example, I told you all that I’m training for this crazy 24 hour race, which means I need to do a lot of long, slow running; not exactly Kevin’s favorite thing.  As my runs get even longer and slower, we are going to have to make compromises in order to help each other and spend time exercising together. So, I do shorter faster runs during the week with Kevin, and then he lets me go for my long runs by myself on the weekends while he lifts or does other exercises. Sometimes the best way you can support each other is to do your own thing and just cheer each other on.  I fully expect Kevin to ask me how my long run went this morning ( I ran 73 minutes, in case you’re interested 😉 ) and just knowing that someone will hold me accountable for my goals is just as good as actually having someone run with me. I’m sure most of you don’t exactly have the same exercise interests as your partner, so this week, just try to be supportive of what they like to do and cheer them on as they work towards their goals!



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