Make this, dont buy that

We all have seen the popularity of Eat This not that diet books. Those books leave you with the misconception that eating a Big Mac instead of a Whopper will give you a 6 pack. Well, unfortunately that’s just not true. Moreover, the book fails to tell you that even though the Big Mac may be just a little bit better than the Whopper, they’re both still awful for you. So, I have decided to take it one step further ; I want you to “Make this, don’t buy that.” I am going to list some of my favorite recipes that can replace you daily crave for a treat and won’t break your wallet or give you a heart attack! So this week I have decided to address some drinks we all love!

Starbucks: Mocha Frappaccino

Instead:  5-6 ice cubes

                2 cups of fat free milk

                1 cup of coffee 5 calories

                2 table spoons of chocolate flavoring (I use protein powder and it makes an awesome morning recovery drink)

                Add all ingredients together in a blender and mix for 30-40 seconds

Naked Green Machine

Instead: 2 cups of Trop50 Juice pick your flavor

                1 small handful of spinach

                1 table spoon of green algae

                ½ cup of low fat yogurt

                Add any of these for personal flavor 5 slices of pineapple, ½ of a banana, handful of grapes, ½ apples or 1 whole kiwi add all ingredients in a blender mix for 30-40 seconds and serve I pick what ever fruit I can find on sale!


One response to this post.

  1. The frapuccino recipe is such a great idea! I’ve been having protein shakes with yummy recipes like butterfinger and banana split. I wonder if I can add my protein shake mix to this type of drink too? Probably! 😀


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