Weekly Review: P90X

It was about 2 years when I tried P90x for the first time. At first glance there seems to be something gimmicky about the program. We have all seen the infomercial claiming to completely change not only your waist line but your overall health in just 90 days with their extreme work outs that utilize “muscle confusion”. The jist of the program is this: you have a very detailed exercise and diet plan, you work out 6 days a week with one scheduled day of rest. The program comprises of weight lifting, cardio, yoga, calisthenics and plyometrics. Very little equipment is needed.

The Good: This plan changes up the routine of exercise regularly, and boredom is never a concern. Each DVD provides ample instruction and motivation to complete the routine. Warm up, cool down and stretching is built in to all the workouts so injury prevention is provided for you. Although this program is sold as being extreme alternative exercise, easier routines are also provided for you.  Also you have access to a website that provides tips and support.  They do a good job of making you feel like you have really accomplished something truly extreme by the end of the work outs, and that leaves you motivated to keep going.

The Bad: The diet plan that you are expected to follow to give you the promised results is extremely difficult to follow. It’s hard enough to find time to do the exercise let alone find time to make squash and gazpacho soup. You do need some equipment to complete the routine weights, pull up bars and resistance bands are needed.

The Ugly: Actually, nothing!  As long as you can get over the need for equipment and a difficult diet plan I would recommend this program. Be prepared to work hard, but if you follow the plan, be prepared for some good results!



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