Make it an adventure

My wife and I are more like the average person than you might think. We don’t always wake up wanting to go on a 10 mile run or just drink fresh fruit smoothies and do yoga all day. Like everyone else, our motivation comes and goes in waves and sometimes doing the right thing for our bodies and health is really hard. I think the best solution we have come up with is that we just simply plan exercise into our weekend adventures.  When you have a hard time slogging through the week, it’s so liberating to have something fun to look forward to on the weekend, and it’s a great excuse to get in some extra exercise and vitamin D. My wife and I loved to go hiking when we lived in South Carolina.  We would regularly take a short road trip up the mountains and think nothing of going on 2 hour plus hike through the forest. We found hidden waterfalls and rock formations and didn’t even think about how many calories we were burning.  Another one of our favorite weekend adventures is boogie boarding. Here in South Padre Island TX, it is not uncommon to find 5-10 foot waves and fighting through the surf for an hour will leave you plenty exhausted but also quite refreshed from enjoyment.

If you can make your exercise fun, it will be the thing you look forward to all week instead of something you dread doing. Most of you may not live close to the beach or the mountains, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative about finding fun things to do together. It doesn’t really have to be that big of an event; just taking the dog for a 30-minute walk after dinner to watch the sunset or playing a game of tennis. Anything you can find to work in your daily or weekly routine will increase your physical activity and it’s an easy way to spend some quality time with your partner.



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