Burning Calories in the Cold

Since Kevin and I moved to South Texas this August, we have experienced absolutely no cold weather. It was 85 degrees for most of November and I had completely forgotten that I was almost winter! However, I’m sure most of you are not so fortunate (or unfortunate, I suppose) to live in perpetual summer and are now dealing with the cold, dark winter. To uplift your spirits a bit, I put together a list of a few ways you can go outside and enjoy the freezing cold weather. Plus, spending time outside increases your absorption of vitamin D, and the natural sunlight can help stave off seasonal affective disorder (a form of mild to moderate depression that occurs in the winter months). Spending time outdoors is also a great way to have some fun with your significant other, or family and friends.

So, here are some fun, calorie burning activities to do in the winter!

1. Sledding. Not just for the kids! Kevin and I had a fabulous time sledding last winter when we went home! I had forgotten how fun it was. It’s a great way to let loose your inner child and an excuse to be silly. Plus, you can burn up to 450 calories in an hour, if you walk up a sizeable hill! What a great excuse to skip your workout.

2. Shoveling snow. Ok, so this one isn’t as fun. But, if you have a lot of snow, it’s a necessary evil, and a great way to incorporate extra exercise into your routine. Buy two shovels instead of a snow blower and use shoveling as a reason to spend some quality time with your significant other. Burn up to 400 calories in an hour.

3. Ice skating. A great activity you can do with your family and friends as well as your spouse, ice skating is relatively easy and cheap! Most places will allow you to rent skates, and if you live far enough north, you can probably skate outside. Kevin and I will be in Chicago this winter and they have a beautiful skating rink on State St. that will be definitely be visiting! You can burn up to 350 calories an hour.

4. Hiking. This may seem a little strange for a winter activity, but hiking through snow can be absolutely gorgeous. Places that looked ordinary in November take on a magical quality when covered in white, sparkling snow. If you are feeling brave, see if you can rent some snow shoes or cross-country skis. You’ll have an adventure and burn tons of calories!

Anything you guys like to do in winter? Happy Holidays!



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  1. Great suggestions for people who are fortunate enough to have sun and snow along with their cold. Here in Seattle, it’s mostly in the 30s and 40s, dark, cloudy, and raining pretty much all the time in the winter months. My favorite thing to do outdoors is walk out dogs, but this becomes very difficult in heavy rain without proper gear. Also, our little dog E, gets very cold and uncomfortable when he is wet, so it’s easy to look outside, see that it’s raining, and not budge from the couch.
    I suppose I should take cue from all the crazy people (the ones who say I’m a weenie about the rain) who bike to work in driving rain daily, and get comfortable, well fitting boots (never had rain boots that didn’t pinch my toes or rub on my ankles, no way can I walk 3 miles in them), a heavy duty rain jacket, and a matching one for little E, and see the beauty that nature has to offer, even in the rain.



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