Could exercise make you live longer?

Absolutely! Because regular exercise significantly decreases your risk for so many chronic diseases, many epidemiological papers have shown that exercise does increase your predicted lifespan. What’s really cool, though, is that there’s some promising evidence that exercise may actually slow the process of aging at the cellular level. There was a very interesting study published about how exercise can slow the damage of our DNA. Check out this blog describing the article. What do you think??


DNA Longevity and Exercise Connection Dec 17 2011.


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  1. Great post, Sara:)) I keep telling this to my family and friends but they just don’t want to accept a proven fact. Another thing, that is very important , is even doing daily stretching as well. The days I take off from the daily, rigorous martial arts training, I always make it a propriety to do some quality stretching.. Can’t wait to read more of your future blogs:))


    • Thanks wartica! I agree; stretching is definitely important not only to increasing your range of motion, but keeping up mobility as you age. What type of martial arts do you participate in?


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