Being Manly on a Diet

Can you really maintain your manly credibility on a diet? I will testify to the fact that if you truly strive to eat healthy, the legitimacy of your Y chromosome will take a few shots. Don’t believe me?  Ok, next time you go out with the guys, order the fresh green salad with salmon and low fat dressing on the side with a glass of ice water……….that’s what I thought.

So how do you try to lose weight while still maintaining your masculinity? Here a few things that worked for me.

Talk up your testosterone:

First thing you have to do is make it publicly known to your friends that you care about what you put into your body. You’re going to want to address this as a performance issue; every man can get behind this. Whatever your cup of tea is:  weightlifting, running, triathlons, martial arts or vinasea yoga, let people know what your goal is and that a proper diet is pivotal to your success. This brings forth manly thoughts of determination and desire to be physical, which will strike a chord with every guy and they will get behind you.

Having a Drink:

Next comes the booze.  There is nothing wrong with ordering a light beer and water; this way you are still having a drink and hydrating to go with it. Or, volunteer to be the designated driver.  Trust me, this will make you popular. One great excuse for passing up the booze Friday or Saturday night is having a planned athletic event the next morning. For me, it’s a race because I still consider myself a runner despite everything else I do.  Not a runner?  No problem!  Tell your friends that you’re maxing out on bench in the morning; trust me, they will buy into that.

Football Sunday:

This is a problem I encounter a lot; friends invite me over to their house for a day of football or just a cook out, but they don’t follow my regiment when it comes to food. Everything bacon wrapped, extra cheese, beer, fried, ranched covered is what is served to me. First, I try to bring a dish, not just an appetizer but something that will count as real food. On top of that, I make it something that’s actually good.  There is no way you’re reaching over the extra large pizza for goat cheese salad. Try my healthy pizza recipe or make it a pasta salad and chalk it up to carbo loading. The next trick, and probably the best, is to host the party at your own house. It’s your turf, your food and so you can just provide all the crap that they want and make your own food to suit your needs. Couple that with my other techniques listed above and you maintain your man credibility.

Let me know how it goes this week!



4 responses to this post.

  1. Just found your blog today (thanks for checking out mine!) and I have to say.. LOVE this blog!! And I love this post!

    Kevin, a huge thank you for sharing the “manly” way to be on a diet. For the past few months, my bf has been on a ‘diet’ of sorts (just eating healthy) and his friends/roommates were giving him crap about the veggies and protein shakes he would make… we cobbled together excuses for him, and talking up your testosterone was a great way.

    I also really like your suggestion to have something planned the next day so you don’t have to drink/get drunk with your friends. That is a great idea! And football Sunday?? I don’t know why we didn’t think of that!

    Thanks again!


    • Thanks Melissa! I’m so glad I found your blog as well! (
      I just finished watching the documentary “Forks over Knives” and couldn’t believe all the compelling research about a vegan diet! Are you a vegan or just vegetarian? I’ve been considering taking the plunge, but the one thing holding me back is dairy. I have yogurt or cheese everyday! Do you eat dairy?


  2. Posted by Rick Omanson on January 13, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    We are all waiting for you to post your recipe for shark fin soup. 🙂
    –Rick Omanson


  3. […] will give you a hard time. For some additional tips about how to manly on a diet, check out this great post Kevin wrote a few weeks […]


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