Weekly Review: Core Sliders

I was browsing this month’s Men’s Health Magazine and saw an advertisement for a new product called Core Slider. The claim is they give you an “extreme core”….whatever that means. So, after much reading and a little curiosity I decided to order the product and give it a try. It took exactly one week for the product to be delivered. When it came it was sitting in a box on my door step. I instantly shredded the box and grabbed the Core Sliders and put on my workout clothes.

The Good: The product is simple; just two, one-piece handles with a plastic ring attached bottom, so you don’t have to put anything together. The idea is that you get down on all fours on the ground, put your hands in the handles and straighten your back. You need to contract your abdominal muscles to keep from falling on your face. Then, as you progress, you move your handles in different patterns to work your abs a little harder.  It comes with a chart of different exercises, a prescribed routine, and a web site that has video demonstrations to complete your ab workout. All of the exercises are both written and pictured. They also include modifications with different positions to do to make the exercises easier. If you ever have used exercise wheel, you will be familiar with the concept.

The Bad:  While it’s pretty cheap and easy to store, there is a large learning curve that may keep people from actually using it.  The easier positions don’t really give you the workout you are looking for, and the normal positions are really hard to master.  Although they do deliver the desired workout, you really need to have good abdominal strength to even get started. For example, my wife can’t even come close to completing half of the workouts and none of them for the prescribed time.

The Ugly:  They say to do the exercises on a yoga mat or a towel, but even if you do your knees hurt. I had to get out some knee pads to finish my workout. Also many of the exercises replicate the exercise wheel, and really put a lot of strain and pressure on your back. Is this a good ab workout? Yes, if you already have some experience with ab exercises and you don’t have bad knees. However, they cost 23 bucks and you can buy an exercise wheel for 9 dollars so overall, I don’t really know if they are worth the price.

Have you ever use Core Sliders or a similar product? What do you think?



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  1. Posted by Rick Omanson on January 20, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Nope, never had. I try to stay away from those types of machines.

    I used the “ab-wheel” for a while that is a wheel with handles coming out of both sides. You do hang on to the handles and “roll” up and down. Worked great until I developed a hernia that surgically had to be repaired.

    I also used used once those push-up discs with handles. You do a push-up gripping the handles and twist the handles as do you go up and down. I thought that was cool and did the same twisting motion when I did bench presses with dumbells on a ball. That damaged the tendons on the outside of my wrist.

    Then again, I’m not as young as I used to be …



    • These types of exercises definitely can put a lot of strain on your wrist joints and use muscles in your back that you aren’t accustomed to using. Use caution! If you have a history of injury, I would recommend you be extra careful before using any new equipment.


  2. Posted by Richard Hale on January 20, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    Hi Kevin,

    Your ok, good stuff here. This is kind of a cross post but well intended. I went after you on a comment about oral supplements (Dr. Oz on yahoo) not being effective (true more often than we would like) but after checking your content here its obvious your not being paid by big pharma. My post probably will not go up as the darn comment thing seems broken but just in case I wanted you to know I like what I see here. Hot peppers and Tumeric, the stuff actually seems to work. As for the sliders there new to me. Now I’m wondering if I could use my resistance band with them …. hmmmm .,. Thanks for the good work.



  3. Posted by big dog on February 4, 2012 at 12:46 am

    i use the gyms towels


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