2012 Spartacus Workout: Week 1


Well, I am a week into this thing and for the most part I am feeling pretty good about this routine and about my healthy weight. For about the past 5 months I have been running with my wife to help her train for her ultra race, and it really feels good to get back to a more testosterone challenging workout! I will say this however; the majority of this work out seems to be legs based. I don’t really think anybody got jacked arms from this workout, but hey, I am only a week into it. Check out my progress so far!

Kevin Week 1

*This is a picture of Kevin at week 1. If I was more computer savvy, I could figure out how to put his before picture side-by-side with his week 1, but I don’t know how! Does anyone know how to do it? -Sara

Moreover, I will say this workout needs one adaptation: it says to pick a weight that is challenging enough that you struggle to complete the work out, but I suggest having at least one set of weights 5-10 pounds lighter than the one you use. By the time you get to the third set you are pretty well smashed! And, having a lighter weight allows you to keep going instead of bending over and holding your knees. This workout also fails to prescribe a proper warm up. I have been kicking this thing off at 4:45 am, so I need a good warm up to even wake up let alone do mountain climber push ups. For my warm up I have been running about ¾ of a mile before I start.


As for my food diary, I have chosen to keep it really quite simple.  The only thing that changes for me is my dinner.


Breakfast: I drink a homemade smoothie containing orange juice, raspberries, spinach and Greek yogurt. I usually have this as soon as my work out is over at about 5:30. After my shower I make a breakfast taco with 1 egg, 1 strip of turkey bacon, 1 tortilla and a little bit of cheese.

Lunch: I pack a cliff bar, 1 banana, a low fat string cheese, an almond butter sandwich and an organic fruit bar. I start eating my lunch 1 piece an hour starting at nine so that by the time my lunch break comes I only have my sandwich left. I do this so I can work during my lunch break, but I also really like doing this because I never really get hungry

Dinner: I have really eaten a variety of things for dinner. I’ll have a bowl of south west taco soup, half a bowl of tortellini or a baked chicken leg with a vegetable.

After dinner snack: This is a must! I usually have pistachios and flavored seltzer water.

I’ll will keep you all updated on how it’s going. Anyone else try the Spartacus workout this week?


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