Final Spartacus Review

Hey guys, sorry for posting this week’s review a little late. I am now into second week of the 2012 Spartacus workout. I still find the workout physically challenging, although I have started to get a little bored because there is no variety; it is the same 10 exercises everyday you do this. Also this is almost a purely lower body workout, 7 out of 10 exercises are exclusively legs. So if you haven’t been doing a lot of squats and lunges be prepared to be so sore you can’t complete the program 3 times in your first week.  I now have multiple weights to use as I mentioned last week that this would help enhance the workout.  As mentioned before the degree of difficulty varies greatly in-between exercises, so to keep the intensity high you will need a variety of weights to switch between.

As far as my diet is concerned I haven’t changed anything except for lunch.  I have swapped my organic fruit bar with one of those squeezable fruits and only because the grocery store was out of my regular fruit bar. I also forgot to mention that I drink about 20 cups of water a day…’s hot in south Texas all the time!

 I know that I have stated that I would be doing this routine for 6 weeks but after doing for 2 weeks now I have changed my mind. I will only being doing one more week of this routine.  Honestly it just isn’t providing the level of challenge and fitness I desire. I am currently looking for a new program to go on to review. I have been attending a training class, so when I am done with that I plan on taking on a UFC workout by joining a mixed martial arts gym for a month, but in the mean time I am looking for a new routine so if you have a good one you have tried, or one you like to see tried please let me know.



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