A Healthy Weekend Trip

"Birthplace of the Cowboy" Who knew?

We usually take vacations to get away, and gain a reprieve from our daily life, but what have you ever thought of taking a healthy vacation? One that not only gave you a break from the daily grind but also helped you achieve a fitness goal or find new inspiration?

This past weekend my wife and I decided we needed a break from our usual weekend routine which usually includes walking around World Market, making snide remarks about ugly rugs and adding new items to our wish list. (My wife loves their furniture) We didn’t really feel like going to the HEB (Texas regional grocery store chain). So out of the blue on Saturday night my wife had a sudden moment of enlightenment, “we shall go to San Antonio!” she proclaimed.

 We have been there once before on our long trip down here from Chicago and loved the city, people and atmosphere and we had been joensing to go back. Being in the glass is half empty kind of mood that I was, I said “wellllllll ok but what are we going to do about grocery shopping?” We always do our weekly shopping on the weekends, and a Sunday trip was going to ruin those plans.  She had an answer for that; we will go to Whole Foods! And on top of that we shall go to the zoo (which was actually the purpose of our trip).

Mahi burgers with mango salsa, spinch and bean salad

So early the next morning, after getting our starbucks fix we drove, after 2 and half hours we had arrived! We walked for over three hours around the zoo (easy to do there, this zoo rocks, plus we got there right at feeding time!) and once we were good and tired of walking around we headed to Whole Foods, which happens to be my all time favorite grocery store. We had made a pact that we would buy anything that looked good there regardless of price….basically if we’re going to drive almost 3 hours were about to make it RAIN. We came home with bags full of delicious, healthy food and have loved eating dinner every night.

 Usually when we take a vacation, we come back feeling a little worse; we’ve been lying around and eating junk. This was the first trip in a long time that we’ve actually come home feeling healthier than when we left!  It was one of the best trips we have ever taken, and it really focused on exercise and healthy eating.

How do you usually feel after vacations? Are there any places to take a weekend trip that you can come back feeling good about how you spent your time?



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  1. Posted by Bill Mahoney on February 25, 2012 at 11:10 am

    Sounds like a nice trip!


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