My New Morning Fix

I, like most of America love getting my morning fix of coffee in some form or fashion. Unfortunately, frap-a-chocolate iced sugar filled chino has hundreds and hundreds of calories. So, I decided to find a healthy fix; something that would wake me up in the morning without making me feel guilty for the rest of the day.  I didn’t want some lame substitute that makes me only miss my beloved cup of coffee. My wife and I recently joined a gym and they have a lap pool. Being that I was a water survival instructor in the Marine Corps, I decided to get my butt in the pool again and give it a go. It has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.

First off, I truly benefit from the fact that it is a low impact form of cardio so I have been swapping out some of my 4:30am runs with swims. *Side note from Sara: Kevin is crazy. I would never get up at 4:30 to run. Who does that?

 Second, I use my morning swim as a warm up for my lifting which I do right after. I am no meat head, I don’t live my life one scoop of protein at a time and I will never put any kind of pre weight lifter work out supplement in my body like NO Xplode or something like that. I don’t really need to; just jumping in a chilly pool at 4:30AM is the best wakeup call you can get! A simple 500 meters later and I am full warmed up in the right state of mind to get my lift on and get out!

The third and last benefit to my new morning ritual I feel fully energized by the time I get home and have my breakfast smoothie. I get dressed wake up my wife, get my things ready for work (wake up my wife again)and I don’t even realize that I haven’t consumed my morning coffee. This new found source of energy is with me all day. I work out again in the afternoon and call it a day. I have found a new; better source of energy and the best thing is the fact that it is negative calories! BOOM!! I would love to find out what you guys do to get your morning rolling so please feel free to post comments and let me know!



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  1. I make a wonderful workout smoothie called Body and Soul

    It is packed with protein and yummy flavor! You can also pre-make these and freeze them. My dad recently retired and he swims every morning and he said it is the best workout


  2. I am firmly entrenched in the coffee first, email second, FaceBook third morning routine. I am much happier to hit the gym after the above starts to my day! Kudos to you for leaving it behind!


  3. With all due respect, I’m definitely no “meat head” either but I really have benefited from pre-workout supplements to help me power through my early AM workouts! Not everyone who takes pre-workout supplements is the meat head type 😉

    That being said, good for you for kicking the caffeine habit…sounds like an energizing and healthy morning routine!


  4. Oh, I used to LOVE working out early, early. I also used to get up at 4:30am and go for a quick run and then do a bit of weights. It was like getting bonus time in the day.

    My schedule changed so I can’t do that anymore….but starting the day off in the gym, there is no better way!


  5. I love a good morning swim! I usually workout in the afternoon but I prefer a good workout of any kind in the morning to wake me up. It gives me much more energy than a coffee for sure!


  6. Posted by Jeff on March 11, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    I haven’t had more than a sip of caffeine in any form (coffee, pop, etc) for a few months. Before that, I hadn’t had more than a cup or two but once a week for a year or two. I don’t really have a morning wake-up routine but oddly enough I was just telling Lissa the other day how I wanted to try swimming…


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