When company comes over…

I’m lucky enough to be in a profession where we still  get spring break (crazy, right?). We have the entire week to catch up on work, come and go as we please, and maybe make time to go to the beach! I’m also lucky enough to have a little sister in grad school who gets spring break as well! She’s flown all the way down to south Texas to spend her spring break with me. (I actually feel terrible for her because it’s 80 and sunny in Iowa, and only 75 and cloudy here. Poor girl.)

We took another trip to San Antonio yesterday and went to this amazing zoo where you get to drive through just like a safari!

The buffalo came right up to our car!


Texas Longhorn!

This whole trip has got me thinking about how you maintain a diet when company comes over. You have the attitude of celebration and you don’t want to make your guest uncomfortable,  forcing them to eat your diet. Kevin and I have been so good the past few months, and we’re really happy with the way we’ve been eating, but it feel tenous. If I take a week off and eat junk on spring break, will it be that much harder to stick to eating healthy once we return to regular life? I used to think it was one way or the other; I either let everything go and worry about it later, or bring my own diet food in tupper ware everywhere I go. Neither option really sounded great, so I’m trying a compromise.

We had a barbeque on saturday, and I didn’t really worry about what I ate. My friends brought over beans, guacamole, and brownies and it was delicious! But, then the next day, I worked out in the morning, ate a small breakfast, and we went to World Market to buy some healthy food to make for the rest of the week. I’ll try to exercise everyday she’s here and mostly stay on track. That way, I don’t seem like a crazy person obsessed with diet, but my health doesn’t go completely out the window.

What do you guys do when you have company stay with you? Is your menu always planned around your guests?



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