March Madness Fitness

Well it’s that time of year again, the best time of year! MARCH MADNESS!!!! Even though I don’t ever watch college basket ball, every March I decide that I know everything about this sport. I seem to picture myself as some kind of Vegas number maker and submit a skewed bracket (and lose).  Sadly, my wife always seems to win our family bracket challenge, even though she watches even less college basketball than I do.

March madness seems to affect my workouts every March as well.  Along with my epiphany of college hoops know-how, I somehow fancy myself an undiscovered Lebron James. Since I’ve been swimming so regularly, I felt like nothing could really challenge my cardio…….well once again I have a misconception about basketball. This week, I went to the gym and didn’t really feel like swimming or weight lifting and I refuse to use any form of cardio machine. However, I happened to glance over at basketball court, and saw a pickup game going on. So, I quietly enter the basketball court and made my way over to the bleachers and tied to act like I wasn’t all that interested in playing (didn’t want to seem desperate, plus I suck so….I wanted them to ask me to play so, it’s their fault when my team loses).  Well it worked; they immediately asked if I wanted to play. My plan was to sit on the sideline to size up the competion, but this plan failed and not wanting look like a creepy man-watcher, I jumped in.

If I said I was horrible at basketball that would most likely be very insulting to people who are horrible Woops….I can barely dribble, have no shot and my attempt at a lay-up looks like I am a dog chasing a cat whose leash runs out. Thankfully, they didn’t care; they needed an even number and I filled the void. However,  I soon found myself at half court bent over with my hands on my knees, even though the court was filled with people who look far less fit than I am. They have managed to expose a weak link in my armor. I really don’t do much speed work, well none at all really. The fact is that basketball can really be physically demanding and you can achieve personal fitness goals through this game. I got schooled by slightly overweight middle aged men.

I’ve taken the rest of this month to actually improving my speed in addition to my endurance. It’s something I’m not that comfortable with, but it’s always a good idea to challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. What do you do to keep your fitness routine challenging?


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