Hey guys! I was scouring the internet for interesting weight loss info and came across this article about sleep and weight loss. Hope you like it! -Sara


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  1. Great information! Thank you! I think I should incorporate some of this information into my blog.


  2. Posted by Joan frey on June 28, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    What do you know about the Gundry approach to healthy eating? We’re losing weight on it and want to gain it back!


    • I did a little research and it sounds like the Paleo diet with an increased emphasis on vegetable intake. It’s hard to eat enough calories if most of your diet is vegetables, so first start by increasing the total volume of food you’re eating. Also, you should increase the amount of protein and healthy fats by adding more nuts, seeds, and avocados. Sometimes these diets demonize carbohydrates and if you completely cut them out, you might lose too much weight at first. Feel free to eat more brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Let me know how it goes! – Sara


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